50+ Latest Good Afternoon SMS Wishes Quotes and Images

Latest Good Afternoon SMS Wishes Quotes and Images

The afternoon is the time of hotness and time to remember your Loved ones. So to help you and spread the love we are here with a latest and huge collection of Good Afternoon SMS Wishes Quotes and Good Afternoon Images. As you all know that in the afternoon the sun rays fall on the earth vertically in some areas so if you are remembering someone with those rays. We have a solution for you. You can send these awesome Good Afternoon SMS Wishes to your lover and let them know that you are remembering them at that time.

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As these friends are enjoying in the afternoon you also have a chance to enjoy your Day in the Afternoon time. Today we are going to share my best SMS and quotes collection for the afternoon. Here we provide the best list of good afternoon SMS, good afternoon quotes, and good afternoon wishes. Refresh all of your’s friends mind by sending nice good afternoon SMS Directly from here.

You can easily choose a best good afternoon SMS and then copy the SMS and then send to your friends.


Good Afternoon SMS

When we see our adored one after a long gap,

We want to distribute many things but

Smile and silent are the first one we distribute.

That’s real affection…. good afternoon.


It feels bad that I can’t see you this afternoon,

I miss you more every day of my life,

And pray to God that he will give us,

The opportunity to distribute a lifetime.

Have a good afternoon.

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Meaning of noon is not just only middle of the day

But it is the harder time to do anything in our life.

So, across this noon happily… Good Afternoon.


Pleasant and caring people like you are difficult to find.

And I understand that it must have been favor, finding

Someone like you. Good Afternoon.

Loneliness is not the absence of people around you.

In fact, it is the absence of your interest in people

Around you…  Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon SMS For Friends

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Be bright like the afternoon sun and let everyone

Who sees you feel inspired by all the great thing you do.

You have one life here on earth.

Make it count in whatever way you can.

Good Afternoon.


Good better best, never let it rest,

Till the good is better, better is best.

Good Afternoon.

Busy life makes prayers harder,

But prayers make a hard and

Busy life easier. So keep praying…

Good Afternoon.

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There are no mistakes, no coincidences,

All events are blessing given to us to learn,

A journey of a thousand miles started with

Only one stop. Good Afternoon.


The time we distributed is like shooting star,

The time is short but really beautiful moments,

Forever engraved in our hearts, friends forever.

Good Afternoon.


My wishes will always be with you,

Morning wish to make you feel fresh,

Afternoon wish to accompany you,

Evening wish to refresh you,

Night wish to comfort you with sleep,

Good Afternoon.


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Life is a magic, the beauty of life is next second,

Which hides thousands of secrets.

I wish every second will be wonderful in your life.

Good Afternoon.

My beautiful sums traveled over my room,

Roads, building, towers, rivers, lakes, plants.

Cloud and finally reached your mobile just to with you.

Good Afternoon.

Good Afternoon Quotes

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Good Afternoon SMS

If your eyes are sweet you would like all people in the world.

But if your tongue is sweet all people in the world will like you.

Good Afternoon.


Pleasant friendship is like the breathing air,

You will never see it, but you will always feel its presence. Good Afternoon.


My wishes will make possible the following.

The person reading this smashed a good morning,

Just enjoying a good afternoon, will have the best evening, must have a sweet night.

Have a charming and graceful noon. Good Afternoon.


As you climb the ladder of success,

Check occasionally to make sure,

It is learning against the right wall.

Good afternoon and Good Day.


On the path of success always lies big O’s,

Many read them as Obstacles,

Only few read them as opportunities.

Attitude matters a lot. So always be positive.

Good afternoon.


Success is century make it, problem is your face it,

Failure is bouncer leave it, luck is full toss use it,

But opportunity is free hit never miss it,

Good Afternoon my dear.


Its 12noon and the sun coming to show its fullest power.

As the season is summer take precautions before going out. Good Afternoon.


Good, better best, never let it rest,

Till the good is better and the better is best.

Good Afternoon.


Anyone can love a rose but no one loves a leaf that adds

Beauty two rose.

Don’t love someone who is beautiful, but love to one who can make your life beautiful…

Good Afternoon my love.


When we see our adored on after a long gap, we want to distribute many things but smile and silent are the first on we distribute. That’s real affection.

Good afternoon.


The person reading this SMS,

Text message had a good morning

Just enjoying a good afternoon,

Will have a good evening,

Must have a good night,

All these made possible only with my wishes,

Have a great afternoon.

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Take a glass of sugar and out it in your eyes,

So, you will have sweet dreams,

If you want masala dreams then try chili powder,

Have a great afternoon.


The rising of sun is the morning time and

The seating of the sun is the evening time.

When it is above your head it is the noon time.

Have a hot and warm noon.

Often we stand at life’s crossroads and view,

What we think is the end.

But a true friends tells Relax dude it’s just a bend and not the end. Good Afternoon.


When friendship is your greatest weakness, you will bw the strongest person in the world. Good Afternoon.


A woman will always forgive and forget but she will never let you forget that ahead. Good afternoon.


Night has gone, morning has gone but

I have good noon to say you Good Afternoon.


Morning is gone, Evening is going to come,

But live what you want in present,

I wish you a Happy Good Afternoon SMS.


Don’t upset if you choose wrong people sometimes,

Because without choosing them you will never know

The true value of the right ones. Good Afternoon.


Learning history is so easy

But making history is so difficult.

Make a history of yourself and

Make others to learn it.

Good afternoon.


Let’s take short break from our life and create something better for upcoming people in our life.

Good afternoon.


Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can’t help them, at least don’t hurt them…

Good afternoon.

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The person reading this wishes and quotes had a good morning, just enjoying a good afternoon, will have a good evening, must have a good night, all these made possible only with my wishes, Good Afternoon SMS.


Sweet things to be remembered, good things to be remembered, pleasant persons to be remembered, afternoon is the best time for it, just think of me all the above will be get done, Good Afternoon MY LOVE.

When the past comes knocking, don’t answer. It has nothing new to tell you. Good Afternoon.


The service that counts most is usually recognized by God alone… Good Afternoon.


I hope you had a wonderful morning with my morning wishes, here I am sending my afternoon wish to you to have awesome noon. Happy noon my dear friend.


I know you are feeling drowsy this afternoon,

You will feel refreshed with my messages,

So read my text messages and keep replying me,

Have a funny noon.


Afternoon is a time to relax for house wife,

Time to work for people, time to study for students,

And time for me to wish you awesome, amazing afternoon.


If we didn’t have problems,

We would never learn strength,

If we didn’t have struggles,

We would never learn resilience,

If we didn’t have delays,

We would never learn patience,

If didn’t not have hopelessness,

We would never learn faith,

If we didn’t have suffering,

We would never learn compassion,

Good Afternoon SMS.


The morning spent with your family,

The afternoon spent with your works,

The evening spent with your friends,

The night spent with your dreams,

All make a perfect day, Have a happy noon.


Without you my celebration of Good morning, Good Night and Good Afternoon is nothing…


I know you are busy in your routine work,

I don’t want to disturb you,

I just want to say please,

Take care of you, because

It is very hot today…

Good afternoon.


Wife rings at work and says ‘The windows are all frozen. What should i do?’

Husband replied “pour some warm water on them, but make sure it’s not too hot or they will crack”.

O.K., she replied, sounding a bit unsure.

Good Day Message.


Wondered why you have not texted back until now, just been thinking of all we have been through and i accept all the worngs and humbly apologies can not wait to hear you. Sweetheart ahve a Good Afternoon.


Nice and caring people like you are difficut to find.

And i understand that it must have been favor,

Finding someone like you. Goof afternoon, I Love You.


abandon all the afternoon for movement and amusement which are as mandatory as reading will preferably say more preferably because health is worth more than teaching. Good Afternoon.


No matter what time of day it is,

No matter what i am doing?

No matter what is right and

What is not i still remember

You like this time Good afternoon.


No matter what else you have or do not have.

You have the beautiful experience of life,

No matter what may have happened before or,

What might come next, you have this moment.

Good afternoon.

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